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Natalie Johnson

GCSE: £35 per hour; A Level: £40 per hour.

I am a qualified secondary school teacher with over 20 years worth of experience in secondary schools in York and Knaresborough. I am currently Head of Science and a long time AQA exam marker for GCSE Science. I have experience in teaching A Level Biology, GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Physics across all the major exam boards.

I am passionate about the subject of Science and have helped a number of private students over the last 5 years. My lessons will cover the relevant knowledge of the topic and involve practicing past paper questions to help me identify strengths and weaknesses. I can assign homework for that week so that the student can review the material which I can then provide feedback on how to make improvements.

Why A Biology Tutor?

Many students find the required depth of understanding and the sheer amount of content in the Biology syllabus extremely daunting. The need to memorise a vast array of terminology and the need to understand the numerous complex scientific concepts that are examined can be hard work even for the most competent of students.

It is because of these challenges that Biology A Level and GCSE are highly respected qualifications which can open the doors to many highly sought-after degree courses and apprenticeships.

The most common reasons for somebody needing a Biology tutor are as follows:

  • Finding the transition between GCSE Biology and A Level Biology more difficult than anticipated, leading to a knock in cofidence and motivation.
  • Getting extra help around exam time to help apply the material learned in class to exam scenaios.
  • Falling behind with Biology at school and just needing a bit of a boost to get back on track.

Furthermore, with the new Linear A Levels having been introduced, and the upcoming changes to the GCSE syllabuses (i.e. the grading system now being changed from A*-G to 9-1), it is more important than ever to be ahead of the game.

This is where our York Biology tutors can help. Our Biology tutors will break the concepts down into smaller, more manageable pieces. They will work through the material slowly, gradually building a through understanding and helping students fill gaps in their knowledge.

Whatever your reason for seeking a Biology tutor, we have tutors who can help. Simple choose a tutor from their profile and contact them directly.