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Our York Chemistry Tutors

Robert Shread


Tutor Profile:

I have taught A level and GCSE Chemistry at St Peter’s School, York for 35 years and I have started to tutor privately. St Peter’s School is regarded as the best Independent Boarding School in the North of England on academic results. I prefer face to face learning which is obviously the best way to learn. One to one tutoring is a proven high-quality approach to bespoke learning and improved attainment. I am experienced in formulating the structure and sequence of individual sessions. One of the best approaches is lots of problem solving to achieve the highest possible grade. I have a great desire and passion for my subject which comes through in my lessons and which makes them more enjoyable for my students.

Dr. Phil Goddard


Tutor Profile:

I have been a private tutor for eight years and a UK qualified teacher, and I hold an enhanced DBS certificate. I have a good track record of success with much improved grade outcomes, and I work with pupils of all abilities. My method is to work closely with pupils to identify and fill knowledge gaps, working though past papers and typical question formats to ensure essential learning and refine good exam technique. I tutor chemistry to A-Level and all sciences at GCSE and Key Stage 3. I am familiar with most UK Examination Board curriculums. I hold a Ph.D in chemistry, and am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, with over 30 years industrial experience in science research and development and engineering.

Why A Chemistry Tutor?

We provide Chemistry Tutors in York

There are many reasons why a Chemistry tutor may be right for you. Chemistry is by far seen as being one of the hardest but, at the same time, most respected GCSEs and A Levels. It is required to embark upon careers in medicine and highly desired by many of the most popular university degree courses.  

At York Tuition, we find that the most common reasons for needing a Chemistry tutor are as follows:

  • Bridging the Gap

The gap between GCSE Chemistry and A Level Chemistry is now wider than ever. Our Chemistry Tutors understand this and regularly work with students to “bridge the gap” early on in the year to help prevent students from falling behind.

  • Managing Exam Workload

Throughout the year, especially around exam time, it can be difficult to manage the work required to do well in Chemistry alongside all of the other subjects. Our Chemistry tutors can help GCSE and A Level students effectively timetable their workload, identifying gaps in knowledge and helping them plan how and when it is appropriate to tackle these gaps, whilstbeing mindful of the balance that needs to be struck between Chemistry and other subjects.

  • Mathematical Calculations

Chemistry contains a  lot of Maths – it is inescapable. Many students are daunted by the number of mathematical calculations that are involved in Chemistry. Our York Chemistry tutors can help by breaking these calculations down into smaller, more manageable steps and, most importanly, give students plenty of practice; repetition is the key to an in-depth understanding!

Whatever your reason for seeking a Chemistry tutor, we at York Tuition can help!